Three Options for Training
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Horse Training

All of the horses out here are treated like family. 
We have 16 of our own, and they teach lessons, do trail rides, etc.
We also have 16 boarding horses who call us "home."     

When weather is nice, they are turned out 21 hours every day to enjoy being horses and living in their natural environment.   

When it's cold, rainy, or muddy outside, the horses are in their stalls 12 hours a day and turned out for 12 hours in sand arenas.  This allows them safe footing so they don't fall and possibly injure themselves.  They also stay much cleaner ... an added bonus!

Three Options For Training:
  1. Full training: 5 days a week, 30-90 days, boarded here.
    $1,250 per month, includes board (supplements extra)

  2. Maintenance Training: 1-3 days a week, (board or trailered in)
    $200 train (1 day per week)
    $320 train (2 days per week)
    $420 train (3 days per week)

  3. Monthly Clinic:
    $120 per month

Amenities at our facility:
  • 3 tack rooms
  • Covered, lighted arena
  • Covered, lighted round pen
  • Second lighted arena
  • Air-conditioned/heated viewing lounge for everyone to enjoy
  • Second story workout room
  • 2 room apartment(Sleeps 4), full bathroom and bunkroom(Sleeps 8)
  • Obstacle challenge course
  • Individualized feeding program for each horse

Our property is fully fenced in white vinyl, the safest fence on the market.  We have no barbed wire or "no-climb" wire, which are notorious for causing injuries.  Our vinyl fence is reinforced with electric "hot" wire -- this keeps the horses from leaning against the fencing to get at the tasty green stuff on the other side!  Our property is gated as well.

All horses receive daily turnout at no additional charge.  We believe horses need to be out and self-exercising.  We also believe it is healthy for them to be with a small herd, as they are naturally very social and thrive on herd dynamics. 

For hay, we provide round bales 24/7 and also supplement with square-bale hay in their stalls.  We provide alfalfa on request for an additional fee.

  • Individual stall
  • Daily turnout
  • Coastal hay fed twice daily
  • Stalls and turnouts cleaned daily
  • Access to owners tack room

Additional charges:
$ 30    Solitude (feed-through fly control supplement - mandatory)
$ 80+  Alfalfa, Platinum Performance, and Ultium (optional)
Amenities at our facility